Wondering how to protect your online course? Protect your videos from being downloaded or from screen recording tools using Learnyst. Signup to learnyst & experience content security: https://bit.ly/3CFvjaQ Join our Free webinar: https://bit.ly/3LKAeus 0:00 – Introduction A big worry you may have as a course creator is: “Is my contents secure online?” Or “How can I protect my videos from being downloaded?” We totally get it. Content piracy is a big threat for you. There are endless screen recording tools & video ripping tools out there that can pirate your courses. At Learnyst we specialise in ways to protect your online content. So, in this video we will show how your videos or pdfs are protected from being downloaded or from screen recording tools. 0:30 – How to Protect Videos From Being Copied To start with, your course contents like videos & PDF’s will be #DRM encrypted and streamed as a secure content to your learners device. To show you how the encryption works, I have installed a popular video ripping software called Internet download manager. Next, let us try this on a course video hosted on Learnyst. Here I click on the download video option and click on start. You can see that your videos are protected from being copied. 1:25 – How To Protect Video From Screen Recording On Learnyst powered mobile apps your course contents are also protected from screen recording tools. Here I am trying to record my phone app screen using a screen recording tool. As I play my screen recording video, the app screen appears in black and only the screens outside the app are captured. 1:55 – Widewine L1 DRM Encryption To Protect Courses Same way, on desktop devices, Learnyst offers L1 DRM encryption. So, here I am recording a video course on a website with a screen recorder. When I play the recorded video, I will only get a black screen without any video display. 2:10 – How To Watermark in PDF Files or Videos You can also watermark your course contents with learner verified email and phone number. This will refrain your learners from externally recording your course content for the fear of getting their identity revealed.This helps to protect your content privacy. 2:35 – Secure Mobile Apps On mobile apps, the single device restriction feature locks a learner to a single phone device. So, even if your learner shares their login credentials, unauthorised learners can’t login to the app. 2:55 – Parallel Login Restriction On web apps, the parallel login restriction prevents students from logging into 2 different devices at the same time. So, simultaneous access with the same id is not possible. 3:00 – Password+OTP Verification You can also mandate a 2 step password+OTP authentication for student logins. The additional OTP makes it difficult for unauthorised students to login and access your course contents. 3:15 – Student Device IP tracking You can also track student device ip’s from your admin dashboard. If there are frequent device logins from different ip’s you can warn such learners or even revoke their access to the course. 3:30 – Course Watch hour limit To enhance your content security further, you can set a fixed watch hour limit for your courses. This prevents students from sharing their credentials with their friends as their individual watch hour limit is limited. 3:50 – Secure Video Hosting For Your Live Classes Just like your recorded videos, your LIVE classes & the live class recording will also be encrypted & streamed securely to your students. While your course contents are hosted in Learnyst, be assured that it is in safe hands. Your contents will always belong to you and won’t be used by Learnyst for any other purposes. To know more about our security, just drop us a message on chat & let our team help you launch your secure online academy today. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Signup to learnyst for a free 14-day trial and sell courses from your own branded website and mobile apps. ? Signup here → https://bit.ly/3CFvjaQ Start #onlineclassesfromhome​ #teachingonline​ and teach from your own brand. ▶ Learn more at →https://bit.ly/2YPa6Ze ▶ Access blog at→https://bit.ly/39PuVtZ​ ▶ To see more online course creation tutorials subscribe at→ https://bit.ly/2Ljfr86 Wishing you success. Team Learnyst ===================================================== RESOURCES ▶ “Slides” → https://slidesgo.com/​​ ▶ “Images” → https://www.freepik.com​​ ▶ Canva → https://www.canva.com Follow us on other platforms! ? Instagram: https://instagram.com/learnyst Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/learnyst Twitter: https://twitter.com/learnyst LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/learnyst/ Thanks for watching! Give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video ?? #TeachWithLearnyst​​