Learn important Vocabulary and Patterns for Fluency. There are many themes to learn. All the Language is as follows: Wanna go out? I don’t think so. I’m really tired. This breakfast is great! Thanks so much! Dad, I like walking with you. I like walking with you, too. Hand this to your mother. I will Take one twice a day. I got it.Looks pretty good. I’m a little worried. Too you come here often? Yeah, pretty often. What did you get? I got a frog. I’m looking for zombies. That’s rented out. Where does it hurt? Near my neck. Want some pizza? No thanks. I’m having ice cream. What time is it? It’s time for you to get out of bed! May I substitute rice for bread? Yes, you may. What do you want for your birthday? Can I have a teddy bear? Where does this go? Next to the cabinet. What are you reading? A new comic. I’ll have a salad. Very good. It’ll be right out. I’m looking for the bus stop. It’s in front of the coffee shop. Let’s go faster! I’ll try. I work at a donut shop. I work at a pizzeria. Can you help me? Yes, I can. How many should I get? Get two. Where’s the shampoo? It’s on aisle five. Are these fresh? They were picked today. Do you take credit cards? Yes, we do.